Quartz Rutilated is the "emperor" in the crystal, gorgeous and beautiful.

Quartz Rutilated bracelet

WHAT IS Quartz Rutilated?

Quartz Rutilated is a kind of crystal in the inclusion crystal.

The ''crystal'' means that it contains some mineral in it, such as the shape of hair, filament and needle.

In general, the crystal market  called it "Quartz Rutilated".

Rutile refers to titanium dioxide with high purity, generally contains more than 95% of titanium dioxide,

and it is an important material for refining Quartz Rutilated.

It has less reserves in the earth's crust and has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength.

The crystals contains Quartz Rutilated inclusions is very special and rare.

In addition, the Brazilian city of Bahia in northern Brazil has been ordered by the Brazilian government to suspend mining and limit the number of exports, so the excellent Quartz Rutilated is the most precious crystal today.

Quartz Rutilated pendant

Quartz Rutilated Bat carving pendant(Good luck)

What is the function of Quartz Rutilated?

Quartz Rutilated are often regarded as a symbol of wealth and wealth.

Quartz Rutilated is usually regarded as "the top of the crystal of the pyramid."

Quartz Rutilated has gathered five kinds of  energy. Which five? Let us learn more about it.

1.Good luck and Wealth

Many entrepreneurs have the habit of wearing Quartz Rutilated because it has s sensitive of wealth.

People who usually manage their own business or who buy stocks like to wear yellow Quartz Rutilated.

It can not only bring positive wealth, but also bring in wealth and treasure.

Quartz Rutilated pendant

▲ Quartz Rutilated Pixiu pendant(Pixiu-dogz)

2.Avoid ghost

Quartz Rutilated is very powerful and is often used to be a amulet.

If your work needs to work at night  or you need to go to hospital very often, you can bring a Quartz Rutilated.

Quartz Rutilated can help you avoid bad things happened.

You can wear Quartz Rutilated to strengthen your own highlight, helping you avoid bad thing.
Quartz Rutilated Dragon Turtle pendant

Quartz Rutilated Dragon Turtle pendant


People who wears Quartz Rutilated for a long time often can be more brave than other people.
Quartz Rutilated can not only raise one's careers, there is also a promotion of their own popularity.
It will not only help attract the answer to your prayer, but also help communicate with people at work.

Quartz Rutilated Lizard carving ornament

Quartz Rutilated Lizard carving Ornament (make money)

4.Promote health

The yellow light of the Quartz Rutilated corresponds to the chakra of the human body.
It  helps promote digestive system such as stomach, and even promote respiratory system and skin.
It is important to notice that people who is weak are not suitable for wearing because it may not load the strong energy of Quartz Rutilated.

Quartz Rutilated four rounds bead bracelet

▲   Quartz Rutilated four rounds bead bracelet
(also be a necklace)

5.Avoid weasel

Whether in business or life, we need to avoid the person whose behavior likes ''weasel'' .
Wearing brown-red titanium crystal can help to improve the business, in addition to
It also has a certain promotion effect on preventing villains.

Quartz Rutilated pendant

Quartz Rutilated Pixiu pendant

After reading this article, do you notice that big power of  Quartz Rutilated?

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