Before reading this article, don't buy Moldavite by yourselves.


Moldavite is a kind of magic Meteorite.
Let's learn more about the background of  Moldavite.


The formation of the  Moldavite was born about 15 million years ago. At that time, a huge meteorite hit the surface of the earth. Due to the high temperature and high pressure generated by the big bang,
 meteorite and the surrounding stones were merged into a kind of glass material, and the shape of spray.
In 1787, it was discovered in the Modavi River in the Czech Republic, so the English name is Moldavite, and the Chinese is ''捷克隕石'', so it is also called "Modawi Stone".


Moldavite are usually translucent,and the color of it is green to brown.
The surface is generally uneven or rough with a unique texture.
Moldavite do not contain the crystals of obsidian, but it may have unique round shape of bubble. 
Because of the special appearance, it is often made into a jewelry (without honing).
It is as fragile as glass, and the chance of breaking it is high, so the price of the products is expensive.



The real color of  Moldavite we observe will affect by the thickness of the meteorite itself. 
The thicker Moldavite will be the color of  dark green, and the thinner Moldavite color is the color of lighter green.
If you observe the real and the fake one, you will see a different shade of green without the feeling of black! 
Although the fake Moldavite is green, it is the same as the dark green even you you flashlight to look it.

▲ Moldavite pendant

The different color is according to the thickness of the Moldavite.


The appearance of the origin one of Meteorite must be uneven.
The most important point is that the texture of the meteorite surface is concave.
The texture of fake Moldavite is regular.

Fake Moldavite

▲ It is fake Moldavite because the grain is regular.


Some kinds of Moldavite have bubbles inside, and the shape of the bubbles may be twisted, and it is normal.

 Moldavite necklace(polishing one)

▲The Moldavite contains bubble inside it. 


Calm down and you can feel the power of telepathy , put it in your hand, there may be beating, pulsating, or hemp, hot feeling.
Although there are also some people can not feel the power of telepathy, it is still useful.


If you own a Moldavite, you can eliminate your depression, avoid ghost and bring good luck.
Moldavite is extremely energetic, it can make you more powerful, remove fatigue, and prevent diseases.
In addition, the Moldavite can adjust the balance of the entire chakra, the beautiful green luster can correspond to the chakra, so it can enhance the energy of confidence and joy.

And it is all about the Moldavite😍😍😍😍😍